• Poldark's Cornwall

    The spectacular Cornwall coastline with secluded beaches.

  • Landscape

    Stunning Landscapes.

  • Poldark's Cornwall

    Cornwall provides numerous historic buildings.

  • Charlestown

    Historic harbours and square-rig ships.

  • Roe Deer in Cornwall

    My background is in wildlife photography expeditions.

  • Otter in Cornwall

    I can work as fixer for filming world wide, especially wildlife.

  • Nanpara

    Wild moorland with historic buildings.

  • Wild wood in Devon

    Ancient woodland with gnarly old trees.

  • Sawel Village

    Quaint old fisherman’s cottages in secluded bays.

  • Cornwall Coast

    Rugged and wild coastlines.

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Do you own or have a legal access to a home, a farm or rural location, a warehouse, an interesting outside space, or safe derelict building? Are you interested in allowing a film crew into your property for it to be used as a film or photography location?

Our clients are film, video and media companies. They’re looking for locations like yours for their next video project. There are as many uses for a location as location types to fulfil them! It could be a music video, a fashion shoot, a scene from a TV series or major movie. Registering your location is free and we pay appropriate rates to location owners for film location property hire. Filming doesn’t have to be as intrusive as you may think, and owners almost never have to vacate their properties. Should problems arise we make sure that guarantees and insurance are in place. Rest assured the personal data you submit to us is for our in-house use only, so we can contact you, and will never be publicly available in any form.

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